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2020.01.02Cross-Organization Special Collection on YMC has been started. 2019.12.175th Workshop Homepage is now open from NTU. Second circular is also available. 2019.11.05First announcement of the 5th YMC Workshop in Taipei is posted. 2019.10.23R/V Investigator cruise is now underway. 2019.08.14Papers from the 1st International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (ICTMAS) are now available from [here]. 2019.05.25Call for Papers. Special Edition/Collection on the YMC in the JMSJ & SOLA. See more details from [here]. 2019.03.014th Workshop has been successfully finished. 2018.12.03China-Australia Joint Cruise deployed Bailong Buoy and Argo Floats. See more details from [here]. 2018.10.15PISTON R/V Thompson cruise has been ended. 2018.09.01YMC-BSM 2018 Campaign has been ended. 2018.08.19R/V Thompson has departed Kaohsiung telling the start of PISTON field campaign. 2018.08.03SCSTIMX page is linked from YMC site. 2018.07.01YMC-BSM 2018 Campaign has been started. 2018.01.16YMC-Sumatra 2017 Campaign has been ended. 2017.11.16YMC-Sumatra 2017 Campaign has been started. 2017.11.09NICAM forecast run has been started for 2 months. 2017.09.22NICAM forecast is available for research purposes only. 2017.09.22Real-time monitoring of ISO is now available from YMC home page. 2017.09.22Implementation Plan (1st version) is now available [pdf]. 2017.09.15Numerical products offered by ARCCSS and University of Melbourne are now linked from Data page. 2017.07.21YMC in Indonesia Launch Meeting was held at the BMKG in Jakarta on July 17, 2017. 2017.07.01YMC campaign period has started. 2017.04.05YMC 3rd workshop was held at UKM in Malaysia. Summary is available from workshop site. 2017.03.11CLIVAR has endorsed the YMC. 2016.12.10Several obsevational plans are inroduced at the Campaigns page. 2016.12.01Note. Due to maintenance, YMC web site will not be available during Dec 3-4. 2016.11.15YMC activity is introduced at the WWRP/Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research web site. 2016.08.12YMC Mailing List has been created. To join, please contact to . 2016.06.20Support letter from WGNE has arrived. 2016.06.08A special session on the YMC will be held at the Japan Meteorological Society Fall Meeting, at Nagoya, Oct 26-28. 2016.04.22Support letter from S2S has arrived. 2016.04.01YMC SSC meeting will be held during the coming Singapore WS. 2016.02.11Note. Due to maintenance, YMC web site will not be available during Feb 12-14 and 19-21. 2015.12.30A summary of 2nd International Science and Planning Workshop in Jakarta is now available. 2015.12.25Pre-YMC in Sumatra 2015 has been completed. 2015.11.11The observation campaign Pre-YMC 2015 website is now available! Please check out "Campaigns" page. 2015.11.09YMC is endorsed by WMO/WWRP/WGTMR. 2015.09.09Provisional agenda of 2nd International Science and Planning Workshop in Jakarta is now available. 2015.08.09Check Publications page. We put recent relevant papers which help designing the coming campaign. Update will be made constantly hereafter. 2015.05.27-29US YMC Workshop at NCAR/EOL in Boulder [Summary] 2015.05.15JAMSTEC YMC Page is launched. 2015.03.30Japanese group science meeting in Kyoto 2015.01.28-30First International Science and Planning Workshop on YMC at CCRS/MSS in Singapore 2014.12.15-19MC Session at AGU Fall Meeting 2014.09.05YMC Kick-off Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia 2014.09.02-047SEAS Workshop in Citeko, Indonesia 2014.08.16-21YMC Initial Plan was introduced at the World Weather Open Science Conference in Montreal. Presentation file is available [pdf (12.63MB)]. 2014.07.28-08.01MC Session at AOGS 2014 in Sapporo 2014.07.23-25YMC plan was discussed at the MJO Symposium in Sapporo 2014.07.14-18YMC Initial Plan was introduced at Pan-CLIVAR/Pan-GEWEX Meetings in Den Haag 2013.07.08-12YMC Plan was first discussed at DACA-13 in Davos