[ Cross-Organization Special Collection of Publications on YMC ]

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List of papers

- Accepted / In press -

  1. Geng, B., M. Katsumata, and K. Taniguchi, 2020: Modulation of the diurnal cycle of precipitation near the southwestern coast of Sumatra by mixed Rossby-gravity waves. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, accepted.

  2. Sui, C.-H., P.-H. Lin, W.-T. Chen, S. Jan, C.-Y. Liu, Y.-J. Yang, C.-H. Liu, J.-M. Chen, M.-J. Yang, J.-S. Hong, L.-H. Hsu, and L.-S. Tseng, 2020: The South China Sea Two Islands Monsoon Experiment (SCSTIMX) for studying convetion and subseasonal to seasonal variability. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., in press.

- 2019 -

  1. Dipankar, A., S. Webster, X.-Y. Huang, and V. Q. Doan, 2019: Understanding biases in simulating the diurnal cycle of convection over the western coast of Sumatra: Comparison with pre-YMC observation campaign. Mon. Wea. Rev., 147, 1615-1631. [abstract] [PDF]

  2. Nasuno, T., 2019: Moisture transport over the western Maritime Continent during the 2015 and 2017 YMC Sumatra campaigns in global cloud-system-resolving simulations. SOLA, 15, 99-106. [abstract] [PDF]

  3. Syamsudin, F., N. Taniguchi, C. Zhang, A. D. Hanifa, G. Li, M. Chen, H. Mutsuda, Z.-N. Zhu, X.-H. Zhu, T. Nagai, and A. Kaneko, 2019: Observing internal solitary waves in the Lombok Strait by coastal acoustic tomography. Geophys. Res. Lett., 46, 10475-10483. [abstract] [PDF]

- 2018 -

  1. Suzuki, K., K. Nakagawa, T. Kawano, S. Mori, M. Katsumata, F. Syamsudin, and K. Yoneyama, 2018: Videosonde-observed graupel in different rain systems during Pre-YMC project. SOLA, 14, 148-152. [abstract] [PDF]

- 2017 -

  1. Wu, P., D. Ardiansyah, S. Yokoi, S. Mori, F. Syamsudin, and K. Yoneyama, 2017: Why torrential rain occurs on the western coast of Sumatra Island at the leading edge of the MJO westerly wind bursts. SOLA, 13, 36-40. [abstract] [PDF]


Joint Call for Contributions to the Cross-Organization Special Collection of YMC

The Indo-Pacific Maritime Continent plays a pivotal role in global weather-climate. Years of the Maritime Continent (YMC) is an international program aiming at observing the weather-climate system of this Earth's largest archipelago to improve understanding and prediction of its local variability and global impact. The five themes of YMC are Atmospheric Convection, Upper-Ocean Processes and Air-Sea Interaction, Stratosphere-Troposphere Interaction, Aerosol, and Prediction improvement. Main activities of YMC include field observations, data sharing, modeling, prediction applications, and capacity building. A special collection of articles on topics related to YMC is established that includes publications in journals of seven professional organizations in the fields of atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts relevant to YMC to their chosen journals (see information below). A master list of this special collection is hosted on the YMC homepage (http://www.jamstec.go.jp/ymc/ymc_sp_collection.html). Each participating journal provides a link to this master list. This special collection covers the period from January 2020 through December 2025. Authors of papers on YMC topics published in 2016-2019 in the journals participating in the special collection may request their papers to be retrospectively included in the special collection.

The professional societies and their journals participating in this special collection are:

The American Geophysical Union