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Center for Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Research (CCOAR)


[ Peer-reviewed Journal Articles ]

- In press -

  1. Olaguera, L. M. P., J. A. Manalo, A. Bathan, and J. Matsumoto, 2024: Quantifying the influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on rainfall extremes during the northeast season of the Philippines. Atmos. Sci. Lett., accepted.
  2. Sprintall, J., M. Nagura, J. Hermes, M. K. Roxy, M. J. McPhaden, E. P. R. Rao, T. Srinivasa Kumar, S. Thurston, J. Li, M. Belbeoch, and V. Turpini, 2024: COVID impacts cause critical gaps in the Indian Ocean observing system. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., in press. [abstract]
  3. Taña, E. A., L. M. P. Olaguera, A. G. A. Llorin, J. M. Dado, M. O. Cambaliza, F. A. Cruz, J. R. T. Villarin, and J. Matsumoto, 2024: Patterns and drivers of heavy and extreme hourly rainfall events over Metro Manila, Philippines. Theor. Appl. Climatol., in press. [abstract]
  4. Wang, B., L. Hua, A. M. Al-Mohaimeed, and N. Zhao, 2024: Ocean carbon emission prediction and management measures based on artificial intelligence remote sensing estimation in the context of carbon neutrality. Environ. Res., 251, 118591, in press. [abstract]
  5. Wang, B., L. Hua, X. Wu, Y. Kang, and N. Zhao, 2024: Impact of climate change on the dynamic processes of marine environment and feedback mechanisms: an overview. Arch. Computat. Methods Eng., in press. [abstract]
  6. Yokoi, S., and Y. Kajikawa, 2024: Precipitation diurnal cycle over tropical coastal regions represented in climate experiments with a global cloud-system resolving model. SOLA, in press.

- 2024 -

  1. Fujita, M., N. Sugiura, and S. Kouketsu, 2024: Prediction of atmospheric profiles with machine learning using the signature method. Geophys. Res. Lett., 51, e2023GL106403. [abstract]
  2. Okugawa, R., K. Yasunaga, A. Hamada, and S. Yokoi, 2024: Numerical study on the precipitation concentration over the western coast of Sumatra Island. Mon. Wea. Rev., 152, 689-704. [abstract]

- 2023 -

  1. Chen, T.-C., J.-D. Tsay, J. Matsumoto, A. S. Black, and J.-M. Chen, 2023: Development of late spring-early summer rainstorms in southern East Asia from the eastward-propagating mid-tropospheric cyclones of South Asia. Int. J. Climatol., 43, 1293-1313. [abstract]
  2. Geng, B., 2023: Internal precipitation and kinematic structure of the South Pacific Convergence Zone. SOLA, 19, 126-134. [abstract]
  3. Geng, B., and M. Katsumata, 2023: Daily and subdaily wind and divergence variations observed by a shipborne Doppler radar off the southwestern coast of Sumatra. J. Atmos. Sci., 80, 1227-1246. [abstract]
  4. Guo, X., N. Zhao, T. Nasuno, K. Kikuchi, M. Nakano, and H. Annamalai, 2023: Distinct features of atmospheric rivers over the western North Pacific in post-El Niño and non-post-El Niño summers. J. Climate, 36, 8313-8330. [abstract]
  5. Horii, T., I. Ueki, E. Siswanto, and I. Iskandar, 2023: Long-term shift and recent early onset of chlorophyll-a bloom and coastal upwelling along the southern coast of Java. Front. Clim., 5:1050790. [abstract]
  6. Katsumata, M., and B. Geng, 2023: An attempt to estimate differential reflectivity bias using volume scan dataset obtained by C-band polarimetric radar on board R/V Mirai. SOLA, 19, 232-238. [abstract]
  7. Kawai, Y., A. Nagano, T. Hasegawa, H. Tomita, and M. Tani, 2023: Decadal changes in the basin-wide heat budget of the mid-latitude North Pacific Ocean. J. Oceanogr., 79, 91-108. [abstract]
  8. Kawazoe, S., M. Inatsu, M. Fujita, S. Sugimoto, Y. Okada, and S. Watanabe, 2023: Evaluation of tornadic environments and their trends and projected changes in Japan. npj Clim. Atmos. Sci., 6, 199. [abstract]
  9. Moteki, Q., 2023: Influencing factors in the stagnation of the Baiu front that induced heavy rainfall in July 2020 over Kyushu, Japan. Sci. Rep., 13, 14553. [article]
  10. Nagano, A., H. Kaneko, and M. Wakita, 2023: Interannual sea-level variation around mainland Japan forced by subtropical North Pacific wind and its possible impact on the Tsugaru warm current. Ocean Dyn., 73, 761-771. [abstract]
  11. Nagura, M., and M. J. McPhaden, 2023: Dual frequency wind-driven mixed Rossby gravity waves in the equatorial Indian Ocean. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 53, 1535-1553. [abstract]
  12. Olaguera, L. M. P., J. A., Manalo, and J. Matsumoto, 2023: Climatological characteristics of the monsoon breaks during the southwest monsoon season of the Philippines. Int. J. Climatol., 43, 5001-5012. [abstract]
  13. Olaguera, L. M. P., J. Matsumoto, and J. A. Manalo, 2023: The contribution of non-tropical cyclone vortices to the rainfall of the Philippines. Int. J. Climatol., 43, 1871-1885. [abstract]
  14. Petilla, C. E. R., L. P. Tonga, L. M. P. Olaguera, and J. Matsumoto, 2023: Changes in intensity and tracks of tropical cyclones crossing the central and southern Philippines from 1979 to 2020: An observational study. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 10:32. [abstract]
  15. Seiki, A., Y. Kosaka, and S. Yokoi, 2023: Development of synoptic-scale disturbances over the tropical western North Pacific associated with the boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation and the Pacific-Japan pattern. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 101, 103-123. [abstract]
  16. Seiki, A., A. Nagano, N. Zhao, I. Ueki, and S. Yokoi, 2023: Diurnal SST warming and the boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation in the Philippine Sea: Contrasts between early and late summer. SOLA, 19, 289-297. [abstract]
  17. Siswanto, E., M. L. R. Sarker, B. N. Peter, T. Takemura, T. Horii, K. Matsumoto, F. Taketani, and M. C. Honda, 2023: Variations of phytoplankton chlorophyll in the Bay of Bengal: Impact of climate changes and nutrients from different sources. Front. Mar. Sci., 10:1052286. [article]
  18. Terao, T., S. Kanae, H. Fujinami, S. Das, A. P. Dimri, S. Dutta, K. Fujita, A. Fukushima, K.-J. Ha, M. Hirose, J. Hong, H. Kamimera, R. B. Kayastha, M. Kiguchi, K. Kikuchi, H. M. Kim, A. Kitoh, H. Kubota, W. Ma, Y. Ma, M. Mujumdar, M. I. Nodzu, T. Sato, Z. Su, S. Sugimoto, H. G. Takahashi, Y. Takaya, S. Wang, K. Yang, S. Yokoi, and J. Matsumoto, 2023: AsiaPEX: Challenges and prospects in Asian Precipitation Research. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 104, E884-E908. [abstract]
  19. Yoneyama, K., S. Yokoi, M. Fujita, A. Seiki, M. Katsumata, B. Geng, and T. Fukuda, 2023: Atmospheric convection research using autonomous surface vehicles. Mausam, 74, 287-296. [abstract]
  20. Wang, B., L. Hua, H. Mei, Y. Kang, and N. Zhao, 2023: Monitoring marine pollution for carbon neutrality through a deep learning method with multi-source data fusion. Front. Ecol. Evol., 11:1257542. [abstract]
  21. Zhang, X., N. Zhao, and Z. Han, 2023: A modified U-net model for predicting the sea surface salinity over the western Pacific Ocean. Remote Sens., 15, 1684. [article]
  22. Zhao, N., P. Wu, A. Manda, X. Guo, and B. Wang, 2023: Moisture sources of the Tohoku heavy rainfalls in August 2022 and the influences of tropical storms. Geophys. Res. Lett., 50, e2023GL104166. [abstract]

- 2022 -

  1. Gupta, A., and J. Matsumoto, 2022: Modulation of spatial distribution of aerosol species by the monsoon intraseasonal oscillation over South Asia. SOLA, 18, 211-217. [abstract]
  2. Horii, T., E. Siswanto, I. Iskandar, I. Ueki, and K. Ando, 2022: Can coastal upwelling trigger a climate mode? A study on intraseasonal-scale coastal upwelling off Java and the Indian Ocean Dipole. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49, e2022GL098733. [abstract]
  3. Huang, K., D. Wang, G. Chen, M. Nagura, W. Han, M. J. McPhaden, M. Feng, Y. Wu, X. Zhang, Y. Li, Q. Xie, W. Wang, and F. Zhou, 2022: Intensification and dynamics of the westward equatorial undercurrent during the summers of 1998 and 2016 in the Indian Ocean. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49, e2022GL100168. [abstract]
  4. Kinoshita, T., S.-Y. Ogino, J. Suzuki, R. Shirooka, T. Sugidachi, K. Shimizu, and M. H. Hitchman, 2022: Toward standard radiosonde observations in the 30-40 km altitude range using 3-kg balloons. J. Atmos. Oceanic Tech., 39, 849-860. [abstract]
  5. Konduru, R. T., J. Matsumoto, S. Yokoi, and S. Mori, 2022: Climatological characteristics of nocturnal eastward propagating diurnal precipitation peak over south India during summer monsoon: Role of monsoon low-level circulation and gravity waves. Meteor. Appl., 49, e2106. [abstract]
  6. Lestari, S., A. King, C. Vincent, A. Protat, D. Karoly, and S. Mori, 2022: Variability of Jakarta rain-rate characteristics associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation and topography. Mon. Wea. Rev., 150, 1953-1975. [abstract]
  7. Lestari, S., A. Protat, V. Louf, A. King, C. Vincent, and S. Mori, 2022: Sub-daily rain rate properties in western Java analysed using C-band Doppler radar. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 61, 1179-1199. [abstract]
  8. Lestari, S., E. G. A. Sapan, R. Sulistyowati, H. A. Belgaman, F. Meliani, Winarno, R. I. Hapsari, I. F. Cahyaningtiyas, T. A. Pianto, H. I. Akbar, Nurdiansyah, E. Avianti, A. Eugenie, T. Grace, R. Amaliyah, M. Djoharin, S. Mori, and F. Syamsudin, 2022: Characteristic of rain rate associated with floods during the 2021 rainy season around Jakarta and Bekasi River. IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci., 1109, 012010. [abstract]
  9. Nagano, A., B. Geng, K. J. Richards, M. F. Cronin, K. Taniguchi, M. Katsumata, and I. Ueki, 2022: Coupled atmosphere-ocean variations on timescales of days observed in the western tropical Pacific warm pool during mid-March 2020. J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 127, e2022JC019032. [abstract]
  10. Nagano, A., T. Hasegawa, K. Ariyoshi, T. Iinuma, T. Fukuda, N. Fujii, F. Tomita, and R. Hino, 2022: USV-observed turbulent heat flux induced by late spring cold dry air Incursion over sub-mesoscale warm regions off Sanriku, Japan. Sensors, 22, 9695. [abstract]
  11. Nagano, A., T. Hasegawa, and M. Wakita, 2022: Spatiotemporal vertical velocity variation in the western tropical Pacific and its relation to decadal ocean variability. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 9, 57. [article]
  12. Nagura, M., and S. Osafune, 2022: Second baroclinic mode Rossby waves in the south Indian Ocean. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 52, 1749-1773. [abstract]
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  14. Olaguera, L. M. P., J. A. Manalo, and J. Matsumoto, 2022: Influence of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation on rainfall extremes in the Philippines. Int. J. Climatol., 42, 4656-4668. [abstract]
  15. Shrestha, B. B., A. Kawasaki, T. Inoue, J. Matsumoto, and T. Shiroyama, 2022: Exploration of spatial and temporal rainfall variations and their impact on rice production in Burma in 1901-1939 during the colonial period. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 9, 48. [article]
  16. Suzuki, N., Y. Ueda, N. Takagaki, I. Ueki, and A. Ikeda, 2022: Effects of wind fluctuations and various drag coefficient models on air-sea momentum flux estimation at high wind speeds. J. Adv. Mar. Sci. Technol. Soc., 27, 73-79. [abstract]
  17. Wakita, M., S. Watanabe, J. Yoshino, K. Oguri, H. Nomaki, S. Kawagucci, K. Ariyoshi, A. Nagano, and K. Fujikura, 2022: Deep-sea bottom-water environment change caused by sediment resuspension on the continental slope off Sanriku, Japan, before and after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Prog. Earth Planet. Sci., 9, 56. [article]
  18. Yokoi, S., R. Shirooka, K. Yoneyama, E. O. Cayanan, and C. O. Iglesia, 2022: Diurnal to intraseasonal precipitation variation around the northwestern coast of Luzon Island: Results from YMC-BSM 2018 field campaign. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49, e2022GL098519. [abstract]
  19. Zhao, N., A. Manda, X. Guo, and B. Wang, 2022: Impacts of moisture supply from the subtropical western Pacific on the subtropical High and the atmospheric river during the heavy rain of 2020 in Japan. Front. Earth Sci., 10:1043093. [abstract]
  20. Zhao, N., P. Wu, S. Yokoi, and M. Hattori, 2022: Why does convection weaken over Sumatra Island in an active phase of the MJO? Mon. Wea. Rev., 150, 697-714. [abstract]

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