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Subduction Dynamics Research Center (SDR)

Toward understanding the seismogenic zone from marine geophysical and geological survey and observation

We use a range of geophysical methods, including detailed seismic surveys, to obtain observational data of earthquakes. Studying the fault geometry as well as the physical properties of the regions in which earthquakes occur helps us to better understand seismic activity in and around Japan. Our work is carried out in cooperation with the Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting (FEAT) and ultimately aims at improving the three-dimensional model of the seismogenic zone to forecast earthquake and tsunami events more reliably in the future. We also conduct research on paleo-earthquake events by sampling seafloor sediments. A further area of study is the volcanic activity associated with one of the largest calderas in Japan, Kikai Caldera, in cooperation with the Volcanoes and Earth’s Interior Research Center (VERC). In addition, we continue to develop and maintain a geophysical observation network across Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region to investigate the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis, and to promote disaster prevention research internationally.

Shuichi Kodaira
Director, Subduction Dynamics Research Center (SDR)

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