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Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics (IMG)

Illuminating Earthquakes and Volcanic Activities
for Disaster Mitigation

To reveal earthquakes and volcanic activities, the scientists and staff of the Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics will conduct large-scale observations around Japan and the western Pacific using JAMSTEC vessels and various state-of-the-art marine exploration technologies. In particular we will conduct geophysical-geological surveys in the Nankai Trough, Japan Trench, Kuril Trench, and other tectonically active zones that may be subject to a forthcoming megathrust earthquake or volcanic eruption. Moreover, we will develop, improve, and upgrade the methods and systems to acquire and process data.

Furthermore, in line with SDGs 11 (sustainable cities and communities), our institute will contribute to disaster mitigation by sharing the scientific knowledge we have gained with society. We will also endeavor to conduct observational surveys and apply our research results in countries that are vulnerable to frequent natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activities.

Shuichi Kodaira
Director-General, Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics (IMG)