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Subduction Dynamics Research Center (SDR)


Res DB : JAMSTEC Researchers Database
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Director [Principal Researcher] Gou Fujie Res DB
Deputy Director [Principal Researcher] Koichiro Obana Res DB
Coordinator [Senior Research Technician] Seiichi Miura Res DB

Marine Seismology Research Group

Group Leader [Senior Researcher] Yasuyuki Nakamura Res DB
[Senior Researcher] Ayako Nakanishi Res DB
[Senior Researcher] Kazuya Shiraishi Res DB
[Researcher] Ryuta Arai Res DB
[Researcher] Ryoichiro Agata Res DB
[Researcher] Yanfang Qin Res DB
[Research Technician] Tetsuo No
[Engineer] Ryo Miura
[Postdoctoral Researcher] Kota Mukumoto Res DB
[Senior Researcher(retired)] Yuka Kaiho Res DB
[Research Assistant/Research Student] Paul Caesar Mason Flores
[Research Student] Tatsuya Fujinaka

Integrated Earthquake Observation and Research Group

Group Leader [Principal Researcher] Koichiro Obana Res DB *
[Project Principal Researcher] Yoshio Fukao Res DB
[Senior Researcher] Tsutomu Takahashi Res DB
[Senior Researcher] Takashi Tonegawa Res DB
[Research Technician] Taewoon Kim
[Research Student] Hou-Sheng Cheng

Marine Geology and Geophysics Research Group

Group Leader [Principal Researcher] Toshiya Kanamatsu Res DB *
[Senior Researcher] Toshiya Fujiwara Res DB
[Researcher] Kan-Hsi Hsiung Res DB
[Researcher] Kaoru Kubota Res DB
[Postdoctoral Researcher] Satoshi Kusumoto Res DB *