Theme C:Development of basic technology for risk information on climate change

Represenrative:Izuru Takayabu
Director, Atmosperic Environment and Applied Meteorology Research Department, Meteorological Research Institute

In recent years, climate change impact assessments and development of countermeasures have been undertaken around the world. However, there is currently no standard downscaled data that can simultaneously address various demands (from changes in the mean field to hazard analyses). In this research theme, we aim to produce probability data that enables hazard analyses related to both high-frequency phenomena and low-frequency phenomena (typhoons, heavy rainfall, etc.) in the region of Japan. For this purpose, we are further refining the existing super high-resolution atmospheric model and applying statistical methods on model results to generate data on the probability of climate change predictions in the Asian monsoon region, including Japan. We aim to prepare a standard dataset (climate scenarios) together with data concerning the uncertainty in basic variables in climate prediction, which can be used in different applications of prediction data.

 Research subject
Research Subject Sub-Research Subject Institutes & Representatives
Probabilistic climate projection for risk assessment a Efficient approach for climate ensemble experiment NIED Senior Researcher Koji Dairaku
Senior Researcher
Koji Dairaku
b Development of statistical methodology of ensemble data on climate change ISM Associate Professor Genta Ueno
Associate Professor
Genta Ueno
c Improvement in cost-efficiency of dynamical downscaling for ensemble data IIS Associate Professor Kei YoshimuraAssociate Professor
Kei Yoshimura
Producing a standard climate scenario by using super high resolution models a Development of quantification method for reliability and uncertainty of climate change information Tsukuba Univ. Professor Hiroaki Ueda
Hiroaki Ueda
b Downscaling of the change in future weather extremes by using high-resolution models MRI Izuru TakayabuDirector
Izuru Takayabu
c Development of a coupled ocean-atmosphere non-hydrostatic model for typhoon research ISEE
Professor Kazuhisa TsubokiProfessor
Kazuhisa Tsuboki