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Global Oceanographic DAta Center (GODAC)

We promote data sharing by compiling and disseminating oceanographic and earth-sciences data with the aim of generating new information and contributing to society.

The Global Oceanographic DAta Center (GODAC), headquartered in Nago City in northern Okinawa Prefecture, runs and operates a database system to compile and publish JAMSTEC’s vast store of research and observation data and disseminate it worldwide. The data-sharing technologies developed during this process are also leveraged by the Research Institute for Value-Added Information Generation (VAiG) to generate new information.
In addition to publishing data on the web, we also disseminate information across various publishing channels to help address social and international policy challenges and promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Global Oceanographic DAta Center(GODAC) website has been launched.
How to Use GODAC Facilities