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Chikyu Spec

Chikyu Spec


Delivery29 July 2005
Ship Classification(or Class)Class NK: Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
Navigation AreaAll Oceans (Worldwide)
Length210 mAbout 8 Bullet-Train Cars
Breadth38.0 mAbout the length of a futsal court
Height (from ship bottom)130 mA 30-Floor Building
Depth16.2 m (From the Upper Deck to ship bottom)
Draft9.2 m
Gross Tonnage56,752 t
Range About 14,800 nautical miles
(Fully loaded, 10 Knots)
About 27,410 km (more than halfway around the world – Earth’s circumference = 40,000 km)
Complement200 people
Propulsion SystemBow thruster
2,550 kW (3,470 PS) x 1 (bow thruster)
Azimuth thruster
4,200 kW (5,710 PS) x 6 (3 in the bow + 3 in the stern)
Propeller diameter = 3.8 m
DPS(Dynamic Positioning System)NK DPS-B
Max Cruising Speed12 KnotsAbout 22 km/h, the average speed of a bicycle
Generator35,000 kWEqual to the power needed by a town of 10,000 people (3 kW per home)
Main Generator: 5,000 kW × 6
Auxiliary Generator: 2,500 kW × 2
Helicopter DeckSupports landing/take-off for helicopters up to 30-person capacity


Drilling SystemRiser drilling system, Riser-less drilling system
Max Water Depth2,500 m (riser)
10,000 m (riserless)
Length of Drill String10,000 mAlmost 3 times the height of Mt. Fuji.
Blow-Out PreventerWeight: 380 tons
Height: 14.5 m
Pressure: 103 MPa
Riser PipeLength: 27 m
Diameter: approx. 50 cm
Drill PipeLength: 9.5 m
Diameter: 13-14 cm
DerrickHeight: 70.1 m
Width: 18.3 m
Length: 21.9 m
Hanging capacity: 1,250 tons
Moon Pool12 m × 22 m
Draw WorksLifting capacity 1,250 tons
5,000 horsepower (3,728 kW)
Equivalent to the power generated by 35 passenger cars (approx. 150 horsepower)
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