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Preventive Measures against the Spread of COVID-19 (Updated on July 9, 2021)

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) is conducting its research activities, assuring thorough COVID-19 infection control. The Japanese government issued the fourth “State of emergency declaration” for Tokyo and extended the periods of “Semi-emergency (Coronavirus) Spread Prevention Measures” issued for Kanagawa and other prefectures, and the “State of emergency declaration” for Okinawa Prefecture to August 22, 2021. In response to this, JAMSTEC takes measures based on requests from the national and local governments, such as canceling or postponing business trips in all branches as a general rule during the period.

JAMSTEC apologizes to every one of you for any inconvenience caused by the decision, and your understanding and cooperation will be much appreciated.
Measures to prevent the spread of infection in the workplace

We are taking the following measures to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19.

  • In line with the actual conditions of each branch and department, we reduce attendance rates and avoid crowded conditions in offices, laboratories, and conference rooms by utilizing staggered work hours, telework, shift system, satellite spaces, and such.
  • We use a flextime system (core working time 10:30-16:30) to prevent infection during commuting.
    - In response to the Information Security Incident on March 16, 2021, we disconnected the VPN connection, but we take sufficient measures to prevent infection.


JAMSTEC holds events, including online events ensuring thorough COVID-19 infection control.

Precautions to enter JAMSTEC’s facilities, including vessels, etc.

  • We request that you refrain from visiting the Tokyo Office (Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda City)
  • Please cooperate with us for COVID-19 infection control by wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.
  • You are not allowed to enter JAMSTEC’s facilities, including vessels, if you are any of the following within the last two weeks.

    (1) Those who are suspected to have an infectious disease, showing symptoms such as fever, hypogeusia/hyposmia, malaise, and other cold-induced illnesses (or if someone in your family who is living with you is suspected to have such a symptom).

    (2) Those who have come back to, or entered, Japan from overseas.

    (3) Those who have spent time with someone else in a place not safe from COVID-19 (or a place where you cannot avoid the Three Cs [Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings]).

Research vessel operations

  • JAMSTEC resumed research cruise operations from August 1, 2020, ensuring thorough COVID-19 infection control.

Shared use of facilities and equipment with external users

  • JAMSTEC makes its facilities and equipment in Yokosuka Headquarters, such as hyperbaric chambers and the multipurpose pool, available to a limited number of external users, ensuring thorough COVID-19 infection control. Please click here for your future use of the facilities or equipment.

Notice of COVID-19 positive case

Secretariat of COVID-19 Emergency Response Headquarters Office