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R&D Project Managing Director

Study on Prediction of Weather, Climate and Environment Toward Disaster Prevention/Mitigation

 Numerical weather prediction study started with the use of the first electronic computer ENIAC almost 70 years ago, and has been utilizing always top class electronic computers at the time. The study target at the very beginning was the prediction of tropospheric barotropic flow over the North America with 300km resolution. Computer power developed exponentially since then, and we are currently performing numerical simulations on "K Computer" with a global atmospheric model of 870m resolution (Fig.1). We are challenging Weather, Climate prediction by "K Computer".
 We are utilizing the computational power of “K Computer” to the extent possible in this program. Research outcome obtained in this study will surely be utilized in improving strategy of prevention and reduction of disasters in weather, climate and environment in Japan.

An example of three-dimensional distribution of clouds (mixing ratio of hydrometeors) simulated by NICAM of 870m horizontal resolution. Pink area shoes where mixing ratio is large. Top figure shows global distribution, and lower ones close-ups of the north-western Pacific area.(Miyamoto et al. (2013), submitted to GRL)

  R&D Project Managing Director
  Shiro Imawaki