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R&D Project Managing Director

Study for Advancement of Prediction Accuracy on Earthquake and Tsunami

 The Great East Japan Earthquake was a compiled disaster brought on not only the earthquakes and tsunamis. From this, we have learned that the most important issue related to the earthquakes and tsunamis Japan faces is the preparation for complex disasters extended over wide area. They could occur associated with earthquakes including Nankai Trough giant earthquake and their accompanying tsunamis. As a countermeasure, I think it is important to make clear the mechanism of generation of earthquakes and propagation process of earthquakes and tsunamis. Moreover, it is also important to predict the damage distribution of building collapse or inundation. Therefore, in this project I have been promoting ①‐③ as the research for improvement of the prediction accuracy of earthquakes and tsunamis.

①Research on improvement of prediction accuracy of earthquakes
②Research on improvement of prediction accuracy of tsunamis
③Research on simulations of earthquakes and other natural disasters in the entire city

 It will become possible to develop more realistic simulation which could be applied to wide-area complex disasters by coordinating these simulations of earthquakes, tsunamis and damage prediction to metropolitan regions which are individually highly improved.


Simulation of tsunami inundation in Shikoku area when the Nankai Trough giant earthquake occurs

R&D Project Managing Director
Yoshiyuki Kaneda