Symposium on “Climate studies and developing societal applications”

Climate extremes, such as heat weaves and frequent occurrences of typhoons, have affected Japan and many parts of Asia in this year. These extreme events are sometimes linked to the large-scale ocean circulations and climate variability. At Application Laboratory (APL), we have been studying the ocean and climate variability to understand the processes and to incorporate those understanding in developing the ocean and climate prediction systems. The recent introduction of AI/ML in our research has widen the scope of our research and will help us to improve the predictions and their applications.  We organized a workshop on November 16th, 2018 to discuss these research developments some of which we have conducted in collaboration with several national and international research centers and universities.

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  • Date and Venue
    • November 15, 2018【Symposium】
      @ Conference Hall on the 2nd floor, Sanjo Kaikan, University of Tokyo
    • November 16, 2018【Workshop】
      @ Miyoshi Memorial Hall, Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences, JAMSTEC