Report : Chikyu Onboard School 2016


Date: 3-6 July 2016 (Sunday to Wednesday)


Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium (J-DESC)

Attendees List


July 3 (Sun.) July 4 (Mon.)
6:00 Breakfast
7:00 Break
8:00 Call at Yokohama Lab. Work 1
Move to Shimizu
11:00 Boarding / Check in
Safety induction
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Lab. Work 2
Opening session
14:00 Chikyu ship tour
16:00 Lab. Tour
17:00 Clean up / Break
18:00 Dinner Dinner
19:00 Lab. Tour / lecture Additional lab. Work / lecture
July 5 (Tue.) July 6 (Wed.)
6:00 Breakfast Breakfast
7:00 Break Group work
8:00 Lab. Work 3
9:00 Presentation
11:00 Closing
12:00 Lunch Lunch
13:00 Group work: Discussion for presentation / Preparation for presentation Check out / disemberkment
Group work: Discussion for presentation / Preparation for presentation Back to Yokohama
17:00 Clean up / Break
18:00 Farewell party

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Chikyu Onboard International School. It is the first time for us to hold the school for international IODP community. I’m very glad to be here with you come from all over the world. As you know, Chikyu is one of IODP platform as well as JOIDES Resolution of US and Mission Specific Platform of ECORD. After Chikyu’s first IODP expedition in 2007,she has unveiled unexplored fields in earth sciences such as mega-earthquake zone research, sub-seafloor biosphere research and submarine mineral resources research.

I expect you will experience Chikyu’s onboard research same as onboard scientists. I would like to ask you to share your experiences during this school with your communities. Please enjoy your stay on Chikyu.

Director General of Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX) Shin’ichi Kuramoto

Director General of Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX)
Shin’ichi Kuramoto

Daily Highlight

July 3

July 3

Attendees got onboard Chikyu, which berthed at Shimizu port. Attendees has some of rules and instruction, Opening session, Chikyu ship tour, Laboratory tour. After Lab. tour, Nobu Eguchi gave a presentation about IODP organization and history.

July 4

July 4

After presentation for IODP core flow, attendees were separated into tree groups to have laboratory works. Each group had non-destructive measurement, visual core description/ smear slide/ coarse fraction observation (VCD/SS/CF), and logging for each half day.

July 5

July 5

After short talks give by expedition project manager (EPM), attendees had last laboratory work in the morning. After lunch, attendees prepare for presentation by each group. In this time, attendees can go back to the laboratory to check again for their observation results to integrate each date during laboratory works.

July 6

July 6

Attendees made presentation and discussed for their observatory results. After presentation, attendees received certification and closing session hosted by Prof. Nishi as IODP chair of J-DESC.


Chikyu Onboard School 2016 was funded by Mitsubishi UFJ foundation, J-DESC and JAMSTEC. Marine Works Japan Co. and Mantle Quest Japan Ltd. supported for all onboard activities. Organizers are thankful for visible and invisible supports by USSSP, ECORD/ESSAC, and IODP community members.

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