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4-Dimensional Virtual Ocean for Sustainable Development and Smart Applications
A satellite event to DITTO Summit at London
Organized online by JAMSTEC

Date & Time: April 28 [16:00-19:30 JST]

Ocean plays a very important role in our lives and is vital for the sustenance of earth's climate and environment. Considering rapid changes in the ocean state and our lack of understanding of some of the underlying processes we are not able to properly assess the impacts of those changes on marine ecosystem and earth environment. To address these, ocean observations and modeling research are essential to predict the variations and correctly project the future changes for taking necessary adaptation and mitigation measures. At the same time, as ocean modeling and information systems are progressing rapidly, there is a need to establish a global ocean digital ecosystem (in the framework of DITTO* and 4DVE*) as a platform of collaboration and interaction among researchers, policymakers, and the public in order to contribute to the objectives of the UN Ocean Decade. Keeping this objective in mind, we are planning to hold an online satellite event on April 28th 2022 to discuss these progresses in ocean data science and their applications, for realizing a sustainable world ocean, and to feed the discussion at the first DITTO summit to be held at London in parallel to this online event.

*DITTO: Digital Twins of the Ocean
*4DVE: JAMSTEC’s 4-Dimensional Virtual Earth project


Session – 1 Operational Oceanography I (Chair: Swadhin Behera, JAMSTEC)

16:00-16:05 Welcome remarks: Dr. Takeshi Kawano (Executive Director, JAMSTEC)
16:05-16:10 Opening remarks: Mr. Gen Totani, (Director for Deep Sea–Earth Scientific Research Ocean and Earth Division, MEXT)
16:10-16:25 Nadia Pinardi (University of Bologna, Italy), “Mediterranean prediction Forecasting System and Digital Twin use cases”
16:25-16:40 Yasumasa Miyazawa (JAMSTEC, Japan), “Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment toward 4D virtual ocean”
16:40-16:55 Qiao Fangli (FIO, China), “Challenges and Solutions for A Predicted Ocean”
16:55-17:00 – Discussions

Session – 2 Operational Oceanography II (Chair: Ryo Furue, JAMSTEC)

17:00-17:15 Peter Oke (CSIRO, Australia), “Bluelink Australia - looking at the past to forecast the future”
17:15-17:30 TVS Udaybhaskar (INCOIS, India), “Operational Ocean services of INCOIS through digital ocean”
17:30-17:45 Yosuke Fujii (MRI, Japan), “OceanPredict and its contribution to UN Decade for Ocean Science”
17:45-18:00 Hiroshi Murakami (JAXA, Japan), “JAXA Earth Observations for 4D Virtual Ocean”
18:00-18:05 – Discussions

Session – 3 Ocean Applications (Chair: Haruka Nishikawa, JAMSTEC)

18:05-18:20 Shun Oishi (R-CCS, Japan), “Contribution of Japanese ocean data assimilation systems to CoastPredict”
18:20-18:35 Mitsuko Hidaka (JAMSTEC, Japan), “Quantifying beach litter using AI and the perspectives”
18:35-18:50 Irene Alabia (Hokkaido University, Japan), “Mapping potential fishing grounds of fishery resources in the North Pacific”
18:50-19:05 María Belén Alfonso (Kyusyu University, Japan), “Center for Ocean Plastic Studies: addressing plastic pollution from an international perspective”
19:05-19:10 – Discussions
19:10-19:25 Panel Discussions: Led by Kentaro Ando, JAMSTEC, “Developing ocean prediction and application systems as a platform of collaboration/interaction among researchers, policymakers, and the public in order to contribute to the objectives of the UN Ocean Decade”
19:25-19:30 Closing remarks: Dr. Muneo Hori (Director General, VAiG, JAMSTEC)