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Supercomputer Engineering and Administration Group

Supercomputer Engineering and Administration group manages JAMSTEC supercomputer systems and upgrades them.
Moreover, the group provides technical user support, calls for proposals using the systems, and conducts research and development of computational techniques to promote use.

1.Operation, Maintenance, and User Support for JAMSTEC supercomputer systems

We aim to operate JAMSTEC supercomputer systems efficiently and stably, and to operate and manage them according to various needs so that users can effectively achieve their objectives. We also provide user support for technical inquiries, porting and tuning for user applications, and so on.
Moreover, we examine and evaluate JAMSTEC supercomputer systems, including hardware, in order to develop the optimal execution infrastructure for Value-Added-Information Genaration.

2.Technical Research and Development of Advanced Computing Technology

To further promote the use of JAMSTEC supercomputer systems, we conduct research and development of advanced computing and operational technologies.

3.Provide R&D infrastructure for JAMSTEC supercomputer systems

To promote research in marine earth science and related fields in Japan, we widely call for proposals inviting applications to use the Earth Simulator.