ISAR-7, Seventh International Symposium on Arctic Research

April 26, 2023

Project Office for Arctic Research Vessel

 The 7th International Symposium on Arctic Research (ISAR-7) was held in Tachikawa, Tokyo on March 6-10, 2023.

 The symposium was organized by the Japan Consortium for Arctic Environmental Research (JCAR) and the National Institute of Polar Research, and co-organized by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Hokkaido University and the Institute of Space and Earth Environment, Nagoya University.

 The theme of the symposium was 'Transdisciplinary studies on a rapidly changing Arctic toward a sustainable society', and there were 336 presentations in 4 keynote speeches, 10 regular sessions, 19 special sessions, 16 session presentations, and poster sessions. The number of participants was 448 (340 in-person and 108 online) from 24 countries/areas including all 8 Arctic Council countries. The symposium was quite successful with fruitful discussions under the symposium theme.

 We, the Project Office for Arctic Research Vessel, exhibited a booth both online and on-site, displaying two models, one of the oceanographic research vessel MIRAI, which is currently active in the Arctic Ocean, and the other of new Arctic research icebreaker, together with panels explaining the outline of the vessels. During the symposium, we were able to introduce our Arctic research icebreaker to participants involved in Arctic research including foreign countries, providing a very valuable opportunity for PR and information exchange.