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Online ISSN for English edition: 1880-3261
Online ISSN for Japanese edition: 1880-3253
CDEX Newsletter Vol.11
CDEX Newsletter Vol.11
First permanent Borehole Observatory in the NanTroSEIZE Project Successfully Installed
From October through December 2010, as part of IODP Expedition 332 "Riserless Observatory", the Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU drilled and cased a riserless borehole up to 980 m below the seafloor at the subduction end of the Tonankai Earthquake's focal region off the Kii Peninsula. The expedition also successfully carried out the difficult operation of installing within the cased borehole a long-term observatory, which will help monitor seismic changes within the shallow region of the accretionary prism with very high sensitivity and precision.
【Published March 2011】
  • SPECIAL TOPIC1: First permanent Borehole Observatory in the NanTroSEIZE Project Successfully Installed
  • SPECIAL TOPIC2: Numerous Results Achieved in Drilling the Okinawa Hydrothermal Field
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Recovering Cores from the Earth's Mantle Coring System
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH: Exploring the Biological Activities of Lignite Coal Layers in the Deep Subsurface
  • FACE: Superintendent Taking Charge for Smooth Drilling Tool Pusher
  • CDEX DECK: Let More People See and Realize How CHIKYU Take on Challenges!
  • FOR THE FUTURE: Overcoming Obstacles in Subseafloor Drilling for Greater Scientific Results
  • Close Up: One Scene of CHIKYU in New Year
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CDEX Newsletter Vol.10
CDEX Newsletter Vol.10
Fathom the Mysteries of the Deep Hot Biosphere
Since the 1990s, it has been proved that a gigantic deep biosphere spreads inside the Earth. One of the major scientific goals set by the IODP is to explore such biosphere by deep sea drilling and elucidate the relationship between the Earth's inner environment and biological phenomena. It is expected that the deep sea drilling vessel CHIKYU which Japan is proud of will shed light on the existence, activities and distribution of the deep biosphere we have not known yet.
【Published November 2010】
  • SPECIAL TOPIC1: Drilling the Okinawa Trough Hydrothermal Fields where Rich and Fertile Deep Hot Biosphere Spreads
  • SPECIAL TOPIC2: The Journey of Exploring for Life in the Deep Subseafloor has Just Begun
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: World-class Research Base for Deep Subsurface Microorganisms The Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research, JAMSTEC
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH: Efforts toward the Mantle Drilling with the Aim of Penetrating the Moho for the First Time in Human History
  • FACE: Responsibilities & Roles of the CHIKYU Captain and Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
  • CDEX DECK: Teaching People about CHIKYU helping to Develop New Earth Science!
  • FOR THE FUTURE: Importance of Utilizing the Results from Scientific Drilling for Society
  • Close Up: Tweets on board the CHIKYU
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CDEX Newsletter Vol.9
CDEX Newsletter Vol.9
The Future of the Earth, Opened through Deep Ocean Drilling
The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) is an international joint research program comprising 24 participant countries that aims to create new information on geoscience through deep ocean drilling. The three ships of IODP - The Chikyu of Japan, JOIDES Resolution of the United States, and Mission Specific Platform of Europe each did excellent work in making 2009 a landmark year.
【Published May 2010】
  • SPECIAL TOPIC1: The World Joins Hands to Dig Deep Below the Sea Floor IODP: a Global Exploration Science Project
  • SPECIAL TOPIC2: The Chikyu, JOIDES Resolution, and Mission Specific Platform: The Three Ships of IODP
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Mud: The Magic Potion that Makes Riser Drilling Possible
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH: To Learn about the Crustal Stress that Causes Large Earthquakes
  • FACE: Laboratory Technicians: All for High-quality Samples and Data
  • CDEX DECK: Visiting the Chikyu at Shimizu Port
  • FOR THE FUTURE: The Chikyu's Scientific Drilling Takes on New Challenges
  • Close Up: Viewing Mount Fuji from the Chikyu
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CDEX Newsletter Vol.8
CDEX Newsletter Vol.8
The Chikyu Succeeds in the First Riser Drilling in the Nankai Trough Off the Kii Peninsula!
The Chikyu Succeeds in the First Riser Drilling in the Nankai Trough Off the Kii Peninsula! The Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) is a massive undertaking aimed at drilling directly into seismogenic zones to unlock the mysteries of how earthquakes happen. NanTroSEIZE progressed to the Stage 2 in 2009, successfully completing two expeditions. Expedition 319 saw the first ever attempt at scientific riser drilling. Expedition 322 obtained rock samples before they could subduct into the large-scale earthquake zone. Each expedition produced successful results.
【Published March 2010】
  • SPECIAL TOPIC1: IODP Expedition 319
    New Possibilities Created by the Success of Riser Drilling
  • SPECIAL TOPIC2: IODP Expedition 322
    Another Step toward Understanding Large Earthquakes and the Formation of the Accretionary Wedge
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Riser Fairing System Tames the World's Fastest Currents
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH: Slow Earthquakes Teach about the Mechanisms of Large Earthquakes
  • FACE: Who Ensures Safety on the Chikyu? The HSE Group
  • CDEX DECK: "Sand for Students" Outdoor Course
  • FOR THE FUTURE: New Director-General Speaks about CDEX Now and in the Future
  • Close Up: Message from Aboard the Chikyu
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CDEX Newsletter Vol.7
CDEX Newsletter Vol.7
NanTroSEIZE: Towards Stage 2
In 2007 - 2008, Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu conducted the Stage 1 Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) expeditions under the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). This Spring (2009), Chikyu will proceed to Stage 2 and start deep sea drilling anew at the Kumano Basin off the Kii Peninsula.
Stage 1 produced tremendous results. For the first time in the world, a core sample was directly extracted from the Megasplay fault at the central section of the Nankai Trough accretionary prism. In Stage 2, riser drilling will be carried out for the first time in the history of scientific drilling. With the aim of better understanding of the mechanisms that govern the development of major ocean-trench type earthquakes and tsunamis, preparations will start in 2009 for the future installation of a borehole observation system that will provide realtime data from the Nankai Trough plate subduction zone.

[Published March 2009]
  • SPECIAL TOPIC1: NanTroSEIZE: Toward Stage 2
  • SPECIAL TOPIC2: IODP Challenges of the Mysteries of Earth Science
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Long term Borehole Monitoring System
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH: Science Team will Reveal Past Climate Changes via Drilling in the Bering Sea
  • FACE: IODP Project Staff -IODP Curator-
  • CDEX DECK: Experiencing the world of a new Earth Science
  • FOR THE FUTURE: This is the year when IODP breaks through
  • Close Up: Meet the Chikyu at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
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CDEX Newsletter  Vol.6
CDEX Newsletter Vol.6
NanTroSEIZE Stage 1A Expeditions One Giant Step Completed
The world’s top scientists participated in the exciting Stage 1A of the “Integrated Ocean Drilling Program:
Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment Project(NanTroSEIZE),” which will continue for the next several years. NanTroSEIZE targets the Nankai Trough of the Kumano-nada coast off the Kii Peninsula,where large M8-class earthquakes have repeatedly occurred.(continued on pdf file)

[Published August 2008]
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: NanTroSEIZE Stage 1A Expeditions One Giant Step Completed
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Chikyu Coring System
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH: Dynamism of the Subseafloor Biosphere
  • FACE: Professional Drillers
  • CDEX DECK: Find out the latest information on IODP and Chikyu!
  • FOR THE FUTURE: Japanese Islands:Enhanced Understanding of Earthquakes
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CDEX Newsletter Vol. 5
CDEX Newsletter Vol. 5
September 2007 - Chikyu is a Go
6000 meters below the seafloor of the Nankai Trough - a world never before reached by mankind. An international scientific project to reveal the mechanisms behind earthquakes becomes operational.
Chikyu, a deep-sea drilling vessel, is in the final stage of preconditioning before departure for the Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) in September 2007, after numerous successful shakedown cruises. During the East Offshore Shimokita Peninsular Drilling Test and the Drilling Shakedown off Kenya in 2005 and 2006, we experienced many hardships, such as typhoons; however, by overcoming these trials, we became more confident in the abilities of Chikyu. (continued on pdf file)

[Published August 2007]
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: September 2007 - Chikyu is a Go
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Sub-Sea System, world-class technology and systems
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH:Kumano-nada 3D Seismic Survey Completed
  • FACE: Logistics personnel supporting drilling operations of Chikyu behind the scenes
  • CDEX DECK: Let's learm about Chikyu at the Science Museum!
  • FOR THE FUTURE:NanTroSEIZE should advance the study on earthquakes!
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CDEX Newsletter Vol. 4
CDEX Newsletter Vol. 4
Test Drilling Performed to East off Shimokita Peninsula
The Deep-sea drilling vessel Chikyu left the port of Hachinohe on August 6, 2006, and carried out test drilling for a full 82 days off the Shimokita Peninsula in water 1,200 meters deep. Nankai Trough seismogenic zone drilling (NanTroSEIZE) will be the first international project for the Chikyu. In preparation for that drilling expedition, due to start in September 2007 at Kumano-nada off the Kii Peninsula, many researchers who will be participating in NanTroSEIZE shipped on board the Chikyu during the Shimokita shakedown cruise to check on the drilling and on how well the research areas on the vessel are outfitted. We asked two of the NanTroSEIZE chief scientists for their thoughts on the Chikyu and on the drilling project that begins this fall.(continued on pdf file)
[Published March 2007]
  • SPECIAL TOPIC:Test Drilling Performed to East off Shimokita Peninsula
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: The Magnetic Yoke, A powerful magnet handles
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH:Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) technology
  • FACE: Staff Scientists Coordinate On-board Researchers
  • CDEX DECK: The world of the new earth sciences
  • FOR THE FUTURE:The NanTroSEIZE Expedition Is Ready to Go!
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CDEX Newsletter Vol. 3
CDEX Newsletter Vol. 3
Test Operations Started off Shimokita Peninsula
The D/V CHIKYU sailed from the shipyard in Nagasaki in early August of 2005. Basic operation tests, vessel operation training, etc. were conducted off Nagasaki, in Suruga Bay, and off Boso Peninsula. In September, the vessel was opened to the public at several ports around Japan. In October, full-scale test operations began in preparation for international operations, which will start in September of 2007.
Here, we report about the first test operations in FY2005 that were implemented to the east of the Shimokita Peninsula, in Aomori Prefecture. (continued on pdf file)

[Published March 2006]
  • SPECIAL TOPIC:Test Operations Started off Shimokita Peninsula
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: DRAWWORKS, the World's Largest Lifting Capacity
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH:Core Samples are Analyzed and Examined in Detail on Board
  • FACE: Development of the Science Data Management System, J-CORES
  • CDEX DECK: Deep Sea Drilling are Introduced at Science Museums
  • FOR THE FUTURE:Drilling Vessel Aimed at Studying Earth's Past and Present and Acquiring Wisdom to Choose Its Future
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CDEX Newsletter Vol. 2
CDEX Newsletter Vol. 2
Investigating the Occurrence of Great Earthquakes
The magnitude 9.0 great earthquake that occurred off the coast of Sumatra on December 26, 2004 caused enormous damage to many countries in the region around the Indian Ocean, and cost the lives of more than 200,000 people. Ongoing initial investigations into the mechanics and dynamics of this earthquake suggest that several focal areas of previous earthquakes along this fault zone were triggered in rapid succession by the initiating earthquake. Similar geometry and geology characterize the Nankai Trough subduction zone in Japan. (continued on pdf file)
[Published August 2005]
  • SPECIAL TOPIC:Investigating the Occurrence of Great Investigating the Occurrence of Great Earthquakes
  • GRAPHIC GUIDE: Iron Roughneck
  • DISCOVER THE EARTH:Creating a New Perspective of the Earth
  • FACE:Close Up Profile of the Engineers of the D/V CHIKYU
  • FOR THE FUTURE:Perspective of CDEX Director-General
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CDEX Newsletter Vol. 1
CDEX Newsletter Vol. 1
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Since the days of the Egyptians, human beings have dreamed of journeys into the Earth. Underworld journeys have been the stuff of myth and fantasy. In Jules Verne's thrilling novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Professor Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel explore a mysterious, beautiful subterranean world by descending into an arctic volcano. This classic tale of adventure has ignited the imaginations of countless readers, explorers and scientists. Verne is considered the father of science fiction, and his theme is becoming science fact today. (continued on pdf file)
[Published April 2005]
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • D/V CHIKYU Construction History
  • Organization Structure of IODP and CDEX
  • CDEX Education and Outreach
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