Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering (MarE3)

Engineering & Technology

Our mission is to develop innovative and state-of-the-art technology to push the technological limits, perform cutting edge ocean research for a better understanding of the surrounding world.

Ocean Observation Technology R&D

JAMSTEC mission is to provide future generations of scientists with an easy to share, reliable source of traceable, standardized advanced ocean surveillance systems that will help understand the rapidly changing global environment.

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Fundamental Technology R&D

MarE3 promotes comprehensive research in developing fundamental technologies utilized for underwater communication and positioning such as acoustics, optical and electromagnetic waves.

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Marine Robotics R&D

Our Marine Robotics team develops autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) for ultra-deepwater exploration (> 7,000 m), and works towards the wider utilization of autonomous measurements and sampling.
The new advanced technology for accessing ultra-deepwater depths will significantly improve our knowledge about the oceanography, ecology and underwater mineral resources within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan. It will also spark an interest in researching more about seismology, polar biogeography, deepwater resources developments and many other, so far, unreachable frontiers.

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Drilling technology R&D

MarE3's ultra-deep drilling vessel "Chikyu" is the most technologically advanced scientific drilling vessel in the world. Our dedicated team of engineers and researchers continues to develop and test advanced technologies for harsh conditions downhole. The technology will ultimately push the limits of ultra-deep drilling, allowing scientists to retrieve high-quality cores and take a sneak peek into the Earth's past.
Our team also works on refining basic drilling equipment technologies that are of paramount importance to achieve the ambitious science plans of drilling into the unexplored rocks of the mantle.

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