Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering (MarE3)

Ocean Drilling Technology

Drilling Data Informatics

Drilling is a mechanical process carried out thousands of meters beneath the seafloor is carried out by operating the drilling equipment on board by monitoring its operational data. However, the operational data of the drilling equipment does not directly show the drilling status in the borehole.
For realizing unprecedented deep-sea drilling, so it is beneficial to provide information related to the drilling status in the borehole from the surface drilling data as the limited data that can be obtained during the operations. Therefore, we are developing a system to display the status of drill pipes and drill bits by integrating the data with the analysis.
In addition, obtaining the geological formation during drilling operation is useful not only for drilling operations but also for scientific investigations. We are developing a system that can estimate the properties of the drilling layers using the surface drilling data. In addition, we are also developing a support system for operations such as anomaly detection, sediment prediction, and core recovery rate prediction by applying artificial intelligence technology.

Development Objectives

Real-Time Drilling Data Monitoring System

Real-Time drillpipe stress monitoring system.

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