Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering (MarE3)

Upcoming Technology in Ocean Observation

Automatic Ocean Observation Systems

Our R&D is aimed to maintain and enhance the ocean observation networks in response for the diversification of observation targets and areas while conserving human resources and reducing environmental impact related to the observations. In addition, we are responsible to the development of fundamental and universal technologies related to ocean observation systems and sensors to establish the quality control technology to support reliable observations.

Compact sensors development

Ocean Observation System development

Underwater sensors development

Observations standardization

To improve the general applicability of the sensors and systems we are developing traceable models and standards. MarE3 engineered a new calibration system to ensure traceability to international measurement standards, and is focusing on ensuring water temperature traceability to ensure the accuracy of observation data.

International Tropical Observation Network - operation and technical improvement

RAMA Buoy cruise

Installation of Wave Glider

In the tropical Pacific area, JAMSTEC and NOAA (USA) operate the TAO/TRITON (*1) array. The RAMA (*2) array in the Indian Ocean is operated by a multi-national effort; JAMSTEC is responsible for the eastern part of this array. These arrays are part of GTMBA (*3) and contribute to the CLIVAR/GOOS (*4). JAMSTEC also participates in the Tropical Pacific Ocean Observing System 2020 project (TPOS2020 project) since its inauguration in 2014. Our new atmospheric ocean observation equipment the Surface Glider and Multipurpose Observation Float (MOF) contributes to the preservation and renewal of the observation system.
*1: TAO (Tropical Atmosphere Ocean)/ TRITON(Triangle Trans-Ocean Buoy Network)
*2: Research Moored Array for Asia-Australia-African Monsoon Analysis and Prediction
*3: Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array
*4: CLIVAR(Climate Variability and Predictability)/GOOS(Global Ocean Observing System)

Development Team

Management Team