Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering (MarE3)

Technologies for Land & Underwater Communications

Underwater Acoustic Communication and Positioning

Since conventional radio wave signals cannot propagate any significant distance through water, JAMSTEC is developing underwater communication and positioning technology utilizing sound waves. Our research focuses on increasing the data rate and accuracy of underwater acoustic communication and positioning essential for operating various underwater platforms in deep-sea exploration. Our work also includes high-rate MIMO communication using time reversal in a multipath environment in the horizontal direction.

More About Underwater Acoustic Communication

MIMO Communication with Time Reversal

High-rate acoustic communication

Multi-user communication and positioning for simultaneous control and operation of AUVs

Optical and Electromagnetic Technologies
3D Underwater Laser Scanner Development

In addition to using underwater laser ranging technology to image the seafloor in three dimensions, we are developing a system that can be mounted on a mobile vehicle as a field calibration ranging device for submarine water pressure gauges as a demonstration of its practicality and feasibility for implementation.

Laser ranging technology around the target

Target (step pedestal) appearance

External view of the laser scanner

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